Frequently Asked Questions

You are likely to get the best results from one of the following browsers:

  • A current version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Internet Explorer 9 and up

Printing Tips

To get the best possible results when printing MedActionPlan schedules and charts, be sure to set your page margins to ½” or less and turn off Headers and Footers. See below for instructions:

  1. After clicking the Print button, check the options shown in the sidebar to the left of the print preview.
  2. Click More settings to reveal the following options.
  3. To adjust margins, select a different option from the Margins dropdown. If you select Custom, you can then set a specific margin for each side of the paper.
  4. To remove headers and footers, uncheck the appropriate checkbox.
  5. Check the box next to Background graphics to print the schedule as shown on your screen.

Chrome print dialog

  1. Select Page Setup. In Internet Explorer 11, Page Setup is found under the gear (settings) icon.
  2. In the Margins section, enter 0.5 (or less) in each field (Left, Right, Top, Bottom).
  3. To remove Internet Explorer’s headers and footers, delete any text that may appear in the Header and Footer fields.
  4. Check the box next to Print Background Colors and Images to print the schedule as shown on your screen.

IE page setup

  1. Select Page Setup by clicking the Firefox button in the top left of the window, then rolling over the Print option and selecting Page Setup.
  2. Under the Format & Options tab, check the box next to Print background (colors and images).
  3. Under the Margins & Header/Footer tab, adjust margins by entering 0.5 or less in each field of the Margins (inches) section.
  4. Also under the Margins & Header/Footer tab, if you wish to remove headers and footer select blank for each of the dropdown menus.

Firefox page setup

To adjust printing margins:

  1. In the Print dialog, click the Paper Size drop-down, and select Manage Custom Sizes.
  2. Click the plus (+) button to create a new custom size, and name it appropriately.
  3. Click OK, then make sure your new custom size is selected whenever you print a schedule.

Safari print settings

Other options in the Print dialog:

  1. To include color backgrounds, check the box next to Print backgrounds.
  2. Uncheck Print headers and footers if you don’t want them to print on the schedule.

If you have a question about MedActionPlan PRO or a legacy MedActionPlan program, please use the contact form to send us a description of the issue.

MedActionPlan Support can also be reached at (800) 543-2230 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

Training is available for MedActionPlan PRO. Please call the number above for more information.