Educate. Empower. Adhere.

Educate patients and facilitate patient centered medication management. Empower clinicians and patients to actively engage in and improve patient safety and adherence.

MedActionPlan PRO

Powerful Patient Adherence Applications Integrated With Your EMR

MedActionPlan PRO

Powerful Patient Adherence Applications Integrated With Your EMR

MedActionPlan programs have been proven to improve adherence, reduce healthcare costs, and increase patient satisfaction. MedActionPlan PRO (Positive Results and Outcomes) builds on that legacy and adds powerful new features.

  • Integrate seamlessly with your EMR
  • Humanize medication schedules for patients with complex medication regimens
  • Print schedules and action plans in the patient’s preferred language
  • Push medication information, instructions, and tasks to MyMedSchedule® Plus, a next generation mobile app
  • Monitor patient adherence and medication changes remotely
  • Identify patients at high risk for non-adherence and readmission

Specific Solutions For:

Empower Your Patients Across the Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care
Medication reconciliation
Medication therapy management
Remote patient communication

One Platform. Many Great Applications.

Our applications are built on the MedActionPlan PRO platform, so a single Business Associate Agreement and security review cover all our applications — and patients benefit from consistent medication schedules and instructions across all of the apps.

Med Schedules
Print or Push

Print or push medication information, instructions, and tasks in simple, easy to understand formats.

MyMedSchedule Plus
Mobile App

Push complex medication schedules to MyMedSchedule Plus, a free app for patients that reminds them to take their meds, tracks adherence, and shares changes with their care team.

Patient Connect
Remote Monitoring

Engage patients everywhere with their preferred communication method — MyMedSchedule Plus, text message, or voice. Monitor their progress in an adherence dashboard.

Consistent Messaging Across the Continuum of Care

5th grade reading level

Text is written at a 5th grade reading level to simplify complex regimens. Exclusive images help patients recognize their medications.


Limited English proficiency

Communicate with non-English speaking patients in their preferred languages and culturally appropriate formats. 


Population specific

Provide action plans and other unique solutions for specific patients and conditions. 



Reach patients through their preferred method of communication — print, mobile, or SMS — and document all in one place. Options for large type and voice messaging are available for patients with poor vision.

Flexible dosing

Schedule doses for specific times, with options for complex non-daily regimens.


Customize med information

Keep copy consistent with your organization’s standards. Set defaults for medication images, purposes, and instructions across your whole organization or for specific patient populations.

Easy Application Management


Integrated or standalone

MedActionPlan PRO connects with the EMR to get the current med list, and Single Sign On (SSO) means you don’t have to log in again. Also available as a standalone program.


One agreement

No more long agreement process. Because our apps are built on a single platform, you can access all of our current and future applications with a single business agreement and security review document in place.

User management

Add or remove users and assign permissions, from read-only access to full administrator privileges. Logs record user activity in MedActionPlan PRO.


Add your organization’s logo and contact information to every MedActionPlan PRO schedule.


MedActionPlan PRO follows all HIPAA standards for protected health information. We do not sell lists of customers, users, or others to third parties.



AES 256-bit SSL encryption protects data. Logs record activity per user and per patient. Inactive users are automatically logged out.

With MedActionPlan PRO, Healthcare Providers Can Improve Patient Care and Satisfaction and Reduce Healthcare Costs

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