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Study Suggests Many Patients Need Help Understanding Their Medication Schedules

by DBrooten 10. December 2009 19:41

A new study published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine shows that a large number of hospital patients do not know which medications they are taking, according to an article at Dr. Ethan Cumbler, author of the study, explains why this can be a serious problem:

If the patient knows what medicines they're supposed to be getting and when, then they're sort of one extra layer of protection to make sure that things go well. If they don't know what medicines they're supposed to be getting or when, then they are dependent on hospital systems to work flawlessly, and the sad fact is that hospital systems in any hospital don't work flawlessly.

The HealthDay article includes some suggestions for patients from Kevin Colgan, corporate director of pharmacy at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago:

  • Keep a list of medications you take so you can provide an accurate medication history when you check into the hospital.
  • During your stay, ask: "What's that name of the drug you're giving me? What will it do? And what adverse drug reactions should I expect?"
  • Before discharge, learn about any medications you'll be taking at home.

Read the whole article here.