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MyMedSchedule Impresses a Patient’s Family and Physician

by DBrooten 7. February 2012 14:56

We recently received this great anecdote about a patient from a Care Transitions Intervention Coach in Massachusetts:

”The son/primary caregiver of his father, who has moderate/late stage Dementia of Alzheimer’s Type, reported the reaction he got from the Primary Care Physician (PCP) when he shared the MyMedSchedule list of medicines and times and quantities. The son brought his printed copy of his dad’s med list to the outpatient appointment, and the PCP was impressed and very positive.

“The son had shared, on a earlier contact, that he found the website easy to navigate and he was thankful for my bringing this new resource to his attention. With the son’s need for respite, he could see the added benefit of the visual list for when his sister and other private help come to relieve him of caregiver duties.

“He is also setting up a med list for his mother who has early stage dementia; and he appreciates the efficiencies built into the website. ”