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Keeping Track of Medications Using

by DBrooten 12. October 2010 16:43

A new article by Susan Agrawal in Complex Child E-Magazine looks at MyMedSchedule:

If you are like most parents of children with medical issues, you have a medication list for your child that you take to medical appointments. And if your child has complex medical needs, your list may be many, many pages long. With so many medications on the list, it may be difficult to find what you are looking for. It may also be hard for caregivers and nurses to use the list.

There is a free website available that helps families to make simple medication lists, print them out in a variety of formats, create checklists to check off when medications are given, and even program email or text reminders to give medications. The website,, even interfaces with Google Health accounts, and may interface with your doctor's office or hospital.

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