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CancerHawk: The REAL deal for cancer patients & their caregivers

by DBrooten 1. July 2011 10:12

 CancerHawk is a blog and resource center devoted to helping cancer patients and their caregivers find useful tools, support groups, and information. It was created by Robyn Stoller after losing her husband to cancer. “My goal is to help anyone touched by cancer find the information they need to make informed choices,” writes Robyn. “Educate... Advocate... Empower.”

In her latest post, Robyn talks about the complex medication regimens faced by many cancer patients, and mentions how MyMedSchedule® can help:

“Wish I had known about though... a FREE website that allows users to build personalized medication schedules. You enter the information and MyMedSchedule creates a chart to help you remember when to take your medications. And you can even set it up to receive email, text or mobile alerts as well as prescription refill reminders. Really amazing FREE resource to help cancer patients (or any patient for that matter) and their caregivers!!!”

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